Are you using barcode technology now but considering using RFID in the future?

Are you using barcode technology now but considering using RFID in the future? The 110Xi4 was built on the legacy of the Xi series of products and was developed to improve overall operational productivity and efficiency in a variety of environments. It is built RFID Ready and allows you to upgrade to RFID technology in the future, providing solid investment protection.

Zebra made the 110Xi4 printer ideal for a variety of applications, including top-side and bottom-side circuit board labeling, product identification labels, serial plate labels, product labels, surgical tools and equipment, diagnostic kits, vials and slides, and others. If your company is looking for a printer to withstand harsh environments and handle a variety of applications, Zebra’s 110Xi4 printer will fit in perfectly.

If you’re looking to upgrade your current barcode printer for a brand new Zebra printer, you have until the end of the year to participate in the Go Zebra11 Trade-in Program. Miles Technologies offers generous incentives for trading your current printer when you purchase a new Zebra barcode printer. Customers can get a rebate of up to $500 each time they purchase a select Zebra printer and trade-in a qualified printer.

To learn more about the 110Xi4, visit


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